Living in a Caravan Park

Country Girl in Caravan ParkIn Australia, living in a caravan park is becoming more and more popular. Not so long ago, caravan parks are often only for tourists looking to save money on accommodation or for those with no other choice. However, today, the trend is changing as increasingly more people demand affordable yet quality housing.

The atmosphere in caravan parks can now be likened to a gated residential community. The security of these places have been upgraded so that residents feel secure knowing that their properties will be safe even while they’re away on holidays. And since you are living in a safe community, chances are your next-door neighbor is someone who values security too. It’s a great place to find like-minded people.


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Silverland Caravan Park Road House

outback australiaEvery season is holiday season. Winter or spring, everyone is entitled to a break from routine. Spas and beach resorts may be the conventional settings for such escapades, but ever explored the option of a camping holiday? Silverland Caravan Park Road House is one experience to discover.
Located in New South Wales, specifically four kilometers from Broken Hill center, Silverland features stunning scenery in this predominantly desert landscape. The Road House is enfolded in bush and lined with Gum trees and Saltbush with the inclusion of hand painted rocks that herald interesting narratives.

Accommodation in Silverland is tailored toward individual tastes. Choices range from a van site, a camp site, cabins and caravans. Depending on how authentic you want your camping holiday to be, all these accommodations are clean, comfortable and electricity optional.


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Hiring a Campervan for Schoolies (Australia)

campervanPlanning on hiring a campervan for schoolies? You’re not alone – it’s one of the more popular holiday experiences for students, an iconic Australian experience. For the best trip, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Here are some tips to get you started.

Schoolies Planning

  • On a budget? Book your campervan 120 days in advance – most companies offer an early bird discount. Plus it ensures that you get the best variety of choice when booking.
  • Planning ahead is essential if you’re planning on enjoying your campervan in a traditional schoolies destination, such as Surfers Paradise, Townsville, Airlie Beach, or Byron Bay. (more…)
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Luxury Caravan Hume Diamond by Elite Caravans

Check out this luxury caravan by Elite Caravans.

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Best Caravan Parks in Australia

camperFantastic holiday outings be it the short stay or the extended ones leave one with everlasting memories. Australia especially the southern part is a magnificent place to visit especially because of the beautiful scenarios present. There are plenty of interesting and fascinating wildlife, historical sites such as museums, immense outdoor game activities as well as the large varieties of food. When planning for vacations, one should select caravan parks that offer a great accommodation choice, excellent caves and executive beaches as well as those with excellent day trips. (more…)

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Best Car Loan Finance

Understanding much more concerning the car finance marketplace is important to discovering the very best car loan offers for you. You should know what the primary finance terms are, to ensure that you are able to function out precisely what every loan deal indicates. In the event you don’t comprehend parts of one’s loan deal, then you can be agreeing to some thing that’s unsuitable for you or expenses you much more cash than you realised.

You are able to study much more about finance effortlessly on-line. You’ll only require to discover those primary terms which will apply to APR goods whenever (more…)

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South Australia – You Must See it to Believe it!

South Australia is a magnificent place to visit and tour because of its abundance of wildlife, Outback and wine.

Experience authentic Australia by touring Kangaroo Island which is known as Australia’s Galapagos. The island provides a variety of interesting and fascinating wildlife, history, outdoor activities, and food.

Seal Bay Conservation Park is home to a colony of rare Australian sea lions. Finder’s Chase National Park offers rugged coastline with amazing scenery and is home for seals, sea lions, sea eagles, osprey, and more. Kangaroos, brush tailed possums, echidnas, and platypus all enjoy the forest and grassland of Finder’s National Park. There are many Koalas on this island; Finder’s National Park is one of the few places in Australia where you can see Koalas in the wild. (more…)

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Going Down Under At Kangaroo Island

An oasis awaits you at Australia’s third largest island. Imagine yourself surrounded in nature’s beauty as a cool breeze blows across the warm sands while sea lions and fur seals frolic on the beach. Not only is Kangaroo Island renowned for its beaches, but it is rich in history. Visitors and history buffs alike can immerse themselves in folk museums, soldier settlements, lighthouses and natural caves.

KI a great getaway for the beach goers, but it is also home to massive forests and wetlands.A vast majority of the island is reserved as a wildlife protection sanctuary so the beauty and uniqueness of what it has to offer will be preserved for generations to come. (more…)

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Nature Wonder South Australia: Nullarbor Plain

The Nullarbor Plain is the biggest piece of limestone in the world: a huge, flat, barren landscape that separates east and west of Australia.

It is up to 200 meters above sea level and extends over a length of 2000 km along the southern border between South and Western Australia. The plain, with a population of 272,000 km2, is located south of the Great Victoria Desert and ends abruptly where the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight begin.

The Great Australian Bight is an open bay located at the south. It is the part of the Indian Ocean between Australia and Tasmania. The coast features high cliffs, small beaches and rocky plates. In winter it can be very fierce rage.

Also, the driest place in Australia can be found here: In the settlement Farina year gets not more than 142 millimeters of rainfall. Farina means ‘no trees’ and the most exuberant vegetation in this arid landscape are small shrubs. (more…)

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Camper Trailers Are The ideal Option for Making Trips to Exotic Locations

For the adventurous-minded people, Camper Trailers can be the ideal option for having trips to exotic destinations and to the places of their interest. Since many Australians are interested in undertaking such trips, these trailers are famously known as Aussie Camper Trailers. Since there are many manufacturers of such camping trailers, choosing the one that is best-suited for you is definitely a challenging task. You should take into account all the aspects before choosing the most appropriate trailer that will be useful for your purpose. You can have ready-made trailers or you can place your orders for custom-made camper trailers. (more…)

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